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Tips to Plan Your Music For Travel

Traveling can be boring, especially if you’re going on a long trip. If you have to be stuck for hours in a vehicle, it can certainly saturate you. As a perfect solution, try listening to some of your favorite songs to make your trip more enjoyable.

Using the Ytmp3 converter might be just what you need to prepare the best soundtrack for your exciting adventure.

Perfect Music Playlist to Accompany Your Travel

Before leaving, make a travel list first. Usually, travelers only note the basic needs for the car such as pillows, phone charger cables, snacks, and so on. Don’t forget to also prepare a music playlist to accompany your travel activities.

With your favorite songs, you can be more excited to enjoy your vacation, you can also stay awake to enjoy everything you feel while traveling. Having a music playlist can also trigger nostalgia, especially if the place you’re traveling to is a nostalgic place for you.

Music has a unique method of making listeners feel relaxed, our minds can also be distracted from whatever life problems are often stressful. Listening to your favorite music can help make you more comfortable and focused.

Music can connect you with the feel of the place you’re visiting. If you want to go back to your hometown, try to listen to songs that you often hear in the past or that are typical of the place.

How to Plan Your Travel Music

So, how do you plan your music for travel? There are many ways you can prepare the best music for your trip, here are some of them:

1. Create A Special Travel Playlist

Your favorite music can help make traveling less stressful and more enjoyable. Listening to music can be good for your mood. Some people find traveling a boring activity.

To keep the fun experience going, listening to music is highly recommended. Try to create a special music playlist for you to use every time you travel. You might have prepared a playlist for other activities such as working, cleaning the house, doing sports, and so on.

There’s nothing wrong with adding to your playlist collection with a travel music playlist. Not only music, but the audio content we find around us is also the best companion for your trip. Listening to music can also enhance the overall experience of traveling.

2. Create A Music Playlist To Match Your Mood

Another tip for you is to consider why you are doing this activity, who is traveling with you? If you choose to travel to your hometown, then try making a music playlist with nostalgic songs. This method is ideal to cultivate a good mood for your trip.

How about going to a concert or festival? Then try to complete your playlist with your favorite songs that will be performed at the concert. Exploring your favorite artists is a lot of fun especially while traveling.

Music is a holiday mood setter, it can help reduce stress and calm your life down. If you’re in a bad mood, then some music may not be suitable for you.

Even some music can make you feel even more down. Therefore, understand yourself first before you make your travel playlist.

Choose The Best Genre For You

This advice might be more useful if you’re traveling solo. Not everyone has the same favorite genre as you. If you’re planning to go on a long trip, then prepare the best genre to keep your spirits up in your traveling activities. Your favorite genre can be a great component to boost your mood while traveling.

By knowing the genres we like and need, we can also more easily find the best songs for your best travel playlist. Then how many songs should I collect in one genre? Collecting approximately 20 songs is enough, or maybe more if you are going on a long trip.

The genres of music that can be considered for traveling are very diverse, whether it’s country, jazz, blues, or maybe slow rock. With the right genre, you can stay entertained. Ytmp3 converter can be used to get all your favorite music content from YouTube in mp3 format.

3. Try It First

Test? Yes, you should test your music playlist to make sure it’s good enough. Try to listen to your travel playlist first, can it be the best travel companion or not?

By listening first, you can rearrange your playlist if there are songs that don’t fit. You might also think about adding more songs to your collection that you’ve been missing out on.

As you test your music playlist, try to imagine yourself traveling. What’s the feel and atmosphere like? Is it good enough for you?

4. Create The Best Music Playlist For All

Traveling alone makes it easier to create a music playlist, but what if you’re traveling with a lot of people? Then they will certainly listen to every music you play. Therefore, it is very important to know what kind of music all your traveling places are like.

Don’t just make music playlists according to what you like, but what everyone likes or knows. If you are not sure about creating a popular music playlist that people like, try asking or searching for popular playlists on music platforms. To get the best music collection for your travel playlist, you can try using the Ytmp3 converter.

Even though you listen to your favorite music during the trip, you must still prioritize safety. Don’t play your music at too loud a volume, and don’t forget to activate your airplane mode.

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10 Best Activities for Travel Enthusiasts

There are several recommendations for activities in Bali that travel fans can do, such as making unique photos and videos. Your holiday will be memorable with several exciting and interesting activities. Moreover, Bali has many recommendations for tourist attractions that you can visit.

Besides that, you can also try new things while traveling. There are definitely lots of exciting things you can try when traveling with friends or your partner. So, below are 10 recommended activities that travel fans can do when traveling.

10 Recommendations for Exciting Activities for Travel Fans

Especially for travel fans who want to have an exciting experience while traveling, you can try some of the best activities, such as:

1. Create Unique Photos and Videos

Traveling will be an exciting moment so you should take a number of photos while on holiday. If possible, not only make photos, but also unique videos during your tour. You can keep memento documents during your vacation in Bali or other places.

You can also share photos and videos during your trip on social media. Look for unique spots at several tourist attractions you visit and then take photos there. Try making a video like a vlog during your trip to make it more exciting to have a memento that you can keep at any time.

2. Hunting Souvenirs

Apart from being able to immortalize moments during your holidays, you should also try hunting for souvenirs. Usually in tourist attractions or cities there are several souvenir shops that sell various unique and interesting items. Especially for those of you who like collecting antique and cute items, you must visit the nearest souvenir shop.

Usually souvenir shops are found at tourist locations so you can get souvenirs typical of that area. This activity is very interesting, especially if you like antiques so you can expand your collection at home.

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3. Send a Postcard

This is one of many interesting activities in Bali, and that is sending postcards when visiting a place far from where you live. Moreover, you have a close friend or partner who is leaving on holiday, so try sending them a letter. You can use postal delivery services to send letters to them.

Tell us about all the exciting, emotional and enjoyable experiences during your trip. Your family, friends or even your partner will definitely not expect to get a letter from you, even though you are on a tourist trip.

4. Participate in Traditional Festivals

Try taking part in traditional festival events in the place or area you are currently visiting. Usually each region has different traditional festivals. If you have the opportunity to come to this place, you must take part in the festival.

For example, when you travel to Bali, you can take part in festivals which are very common in Bali. Moreover, the culture on the Island of the Gods is very diverse and is a special attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. You can find out more about local culture and gain new experiences.

5. Walk

Another exciting activity that you should do during your tour is try walking from your accommodation to a tourist spot that is not too far away. There’s no harm in trying to walk because it will be an exciting experience. If taking public transportation or private vehicles feels boring, you can try this activity.

You can explore several corners of the region or area you are visiting on foot. Walking is also very good for your health so you can try it while looking for exciting tourist attractions around the accommodation. You can rely on Google Maps to easily visit the places you want to go while walking.

6. Outbound in Nature

Outbound is also one of the best recommended activities that can be done for travel. For those of you who are planning a holiday, you can try this outdoor activity. There are many tourist attractions that offer exciting activities, such as outbound, nature exploring and so on.

You can also invite your friends or partner to do this exciting activity to make it more fun. Outbound is an activity carried out in nature that you can try to relieve fatigue and stress.

7. Visit the City Park

When traveling, you can visit the city park where you are currently visiting. During holidays, of course you want a calming and beautiful atmosphere. One of the recommended activities that you can do is visit a city park which is quite popular.

There you can get fresh air and relieve fatigue while walking around the city park. You can also sit back and relax in the place provided there to take a short break while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere in the city park. You can invite your children or partner to visit this place to make it more memorable.

8. Relax with a Spa

While traveling, you can relax yourself with the spa available where you stay. You must do this best activity while traveling to relieve fatigue. Spas also provide many other benefits, such as eliminating fatigue, making the body fresh and many more.

Usually there are many accommodations that have spa facilities that you can take advantage of. Make a special agenda for relaxation and pampering yourself during the holidays. During the holidays, your body may be tired, so you can feel fresh again after doing a spa.

9. Romantic Dinner

For those of you who have plans for a holiday with your partner, you should try different and fun activities. One example is a romantic dinner with your partner in a beautiful place. Moreover, you are traveling in Bali, where there are many romantic places with beautiful beach views for dinner.

You can also prepare a surprise for your partner with a romantic dinner so that the relationship becomes stronger. Choose a place for a beautiful dinner with delicious food to make it more memorable. You can look for information on recommendations for the best romantic dinner places in Bali or other places as you wish.

10. Go on a Culinary Tour

Try doing a culinary tour during your trip so you don’t get bored. You must try this holiday activity so you can taste some of the delicious food in the place you visit. Moreover, every region definitely has special foods with unique flavors, so you must try them.

Make an agenda to visit several food places with delicious menus that you must try during your trip. You can also invite your partner or friend on a favorite culinary tour to make it even more exciting.

So, those are all the recommendations for the most exciting activities in Bali that you can do while traveling with friends or your partner.

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Memorable Activities for Your Travel Adventures in Bali

There are many activities that tourists can do in Bali, but what are the memorable activities that can be done on this enchanting island? So, are any of you planning a vacation to Bali? If yes, then find out some popular and memorable Bali activities that you can do there.

Bali With Many Amazing Things To Do

Bali is indeed one of the best tourist islands in the world, but many tourists are quite confused when they vacation in Bali. There are more and more tourist attractions and tourist activities that can be done here. The beauty of the beaches alone is enough to make us heal from the burden of everyday thoughts.

In addition to the beaches, Bali’s forests, mountains, rice fields, and rural areas are also very beautiful. Various interesting, exciting, and challenging options can also be tried in Bali such as rafting, surfing, trekking, cycling, riding ATVs, and so on.

Memorable Activities You Must Do In Bali

If you are planning a vacation to Bali, then consider some of the activities below for an unforgettable travel experience.

Quad Bike Adventure

Have you ever ridden a quad bike? Quad bikes are 4-wheeled motorcycles, and you can find many tour packages that include this ATV activity. You’ll ride through the jungle, explore challenging routes, and pass through Balinese village areas, and green rice paddies while taking an ATV adventure.

Quad bikes are quite easy to operate, and you will be guided by an instructor so that you can safely and easily ride the ATV. Choose between riding with a guide, riding with a friend, or riding alone. This activity can also be customized according to a group’s riding ability, one of the considerations is whether the route is for beginners or challenging.

To keep the ride safe, each participant must wear a helmet. You should also bring a change of clothes as you will often have to ride through wet and muddy roads.

Cliff Diving At A Beautiful And Refreshing Waterfall

If you want to experience an adventure like no other, then you can visit Kali Kecil Gorge and Kalimudah Gorge. Both are places where you can enjoy exciting and challenging adventures with the freshness of real water.

Along the route, you will find beautiful waterfalls and small canyons. Once you’ve had enough of the enchanting natural scenery, you can do some challenging and fun activities there ranging from swimming and jumping into the water from the cliff.

Then the most interesting activity is climbing down a fairly high cliff while struggling with the splashing and flowing waterfall. You might underestimate this activity, but you’ll be tested on this cliff adventure. You have to prepare your physique first before doing this activity.

If you take a package tour, you may be guided to suit your skill level. So, beginners or children can try this activity. Last but not least, the weather. Make sure to check the weather forecast beforehand to ensure safety.


Flyboarding is one of the Bali activities you can try if you want to try water sports that can make you feel like Iron Man. Nusa Dua is one of the spots for you to get the best flyboarding experience, this beach offers extraordinary beauty and a variety of interesting activities. In this flyboarding activity, you will fly over the ocean with power jet energy. Although at first glance it looks quite easy, this activity is quite tricky, you need to maintain a good balance to stay hovering in the air.

If you’re good enough at flyboarding, then try to glide into the clear and refreshing sea water like a dolphin. Doing flyboarding can be a proud and memorable achievement for you.

An Exciting, Challenging, And Beautiful Rafting Adventure

Explore challenging river routes with an inflatable boat. Rafting activities let you follow the swift currents of Bali’s best rivers like Ayung and Telaga Waja. You’ll be racing down the river and even traversing a 5-meter drop as you make your way down the waterfall. Telaga Waja is one of the popular rivers for rafting and has its rafting challenges including for those who are experienced in this activity.

You and your rafting friends will paddle an inflatable boat while avoiding tree branches and rocks so as not to block the way. Because it is quite challenging and tiring, you need to prepare your physique well.

Trekking To Batur Mount

If you’re a fan of adventure, then you can try filling your vacation free time with trekking to one of the best mountains in Bali, Mount Batur. Everyone can try this activity but it is more recommended for those who have enough trekking experience. Usually, trekking activities start very early in the morning, around 03:00 am so that you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise view from the top of the mountain.

Fun Cycling Around The Beauty Of Bali

Cycling is one of the main tourist activities in Bali. You can try taking a cycling tour package that provides an interesting schedule to explore Bali. One of the interesting points of this activity is that you will cycle through the very beautiful Lake Batur.

There are many interesting stops on the Bali cycling route, get your camera ready and take your best photos. Many beautiful temples you will meet within the cycling route and maybe the tour package will include a visit to a top culinary spot too.

Watch A Performance Of The Very Popular Kecak Dance

Bali has a very popular traditional dance, Kecak Dance. This is Bali’s other attraction apart from the beauty of its tourism. The unique thing about Kecak Dance is the expressive movements, the screaming sound, and the distinctive clothing of the dancers. So, those are some memorable Bali activities for you.

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6 Reasons Why White Water Rafting Popular in Bali

The island of Bali is one of the tourist destinations for Asian or even world tourists. Bali offers many attractions both from the aspect of culture, natural beauty, culinary, and many exciting activity options for your vacation needs. White water rafting Bali can be one of the most interesting vacation activities for you.

There are many reasons why travelers love this rafting activity, let’s find out what makes this activity special.

The Main Rivers In Bali That You Can Choose For Rafting

Telaga Waja is one of the popular rivers for those looking for a challenging adventure with white water rafting. The location of Telaga Waja is perfect for those of you who want to try to feel the ease of rafting access because you don’t need to go through a difficult route. The stairs you need to climb are not too many.

The duration of rafting lasts approximately 2 hours – 2.5 hours on the Telaga Waja River, with a distance of 14-16 kilometers. The route is quite interesting, and the rafting participants can see beautiful scenery. Usually, those who want to go rafting here choose the rafting package.

In this rafting package, professional guides, transportation, food, and all necessary equipment are included. You can get an unforgettable experience while in Bali with rafting activities. Each river in Bali that can be used for rafting can offer a unique experience, the difficulty level varies so that each rafting enthusiast can choose.

In Bali, there are at least three rivers that you can choose from for rafting:

1. Telaga Waja, Karangasem

One of them that we have discussed above, is Telaga Waja. This river can offer high challenges, its rapids are class II to IV. Telaga Waja is ideal if you are looking for a more challenging experience.

2. Ayung River, Ubud

Ubud is a very popular Bali tourist destination, Ayung river is more suitable for those of you who are beginners. The route on the river is relaxing, the scenery is also very beautiful.

3. Melangit River, Klungkung

Melangit River is another river option for rafting in Bali that offers a mix of thrilling rapids with breathtaking views.

Telaga Waja is one of Bali’s most popular rivers, the natural scenery is stunning, and it is one of Bali’s longest routes for rafting. The river has extreme rapids so it can challenge you well. You will also find a 5-meter waterfall slide that makes the experience even more unforgettable.

Ubud is a very popular area in Bali, you can experience breathtaking scenery with many interesting tourist attractions. As your top choice, you can consider rafting on the Ayung River if you want to experience a relaxing thrilling sensation.

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Why Travelers Love Rafting in Bali

Many tourists from Europe and Australia or other regions like extreme vacation activities. Many rivers in Bali are challenging enough to be a rafting location. Apart from Australia and Europe, many Asian tourists are also interested in white water rafting Bali.

So what makes many people love Bali rafting? Check out the reasons below.

1. Easy Access To The Location

Many people complain about the difficult access to the rafting location, for example, because of the large number of stairs. The thing that tourists often consider when they want to book a rafting package is how easy and fast the access to the river is. They want to know which river has an easy path to and from the lobby.

You can find rivers with a small number of steps in Bali. You will not be exhausted at the beginning when you want to enjoy rafting. The average number of steps you have to go through is 15-20 steps. The tourist management has also updated various infrastructures that can make tourists’ access to the river location safer and more comfortable.

2. Location Close To Ubud

As discussed earlier, there is one river that you can go rafting on in Ubud, the Ayung River. It is just an hour’s drive to get to this river from various tourist centers, and only about a 20-minute drive if you are from Ubud.

Several rafting packages can be chosen for rafting on this river. Each rafting package is dedicated to the best assistance of rafting tours whenever you want to start exploring the river in the Ubud area. Try visiting the official website of the rafting package provider and choose the one you need the most.

3. Rafting For All Levels

Calm water conditions, standard inclines, and manageable turns can be found on Bali’s rivers. The river flow in the Ayung River can provide the right excitement for anyone. Even children to the elderly are allowed to participate at certain rafting levels.

Even so, it is necessary to read carefully every condition applied by each organizer. The conditions may be quite different between each rafting package. Make sure to check the safety rules and age restrictions in detail. Then what you should not forget is the walking distance to the river location.

4. Get The Perfect Vacation In Bali

Refresh your mind with a thrilling experience on Bali’s rivers. Although this is an extreme activity, the rafting package will organize everything well so that you can still enjoy it. This is the perfect activity for those of you who want to refresh yourself with an unforgettable experience.

Each rafting participant will be provided with training and safety equipment. You will be trained in the initial skills and insights regarding basic rafting maneuvers. Professional guides will make things safer and smoother. You can enjoy your moment well while on the raft. Feeling happy is the core of this activity, keep your spirits up, and don’t hold back your inner self.

5. A Breathtaking View

On many of Bali’s rivers, you can enjoy the clear waters of rivers flowing down the valleys, and pass by spots of Bali’s extraordinary natural wonders. You can encounter calming rainforests, rice fields, waterfalls, beautiful rocks, and so on. Through Bali rafting activities, you can see spectacular panoramas in Bali and may even have the opportunity to meet the wildlife.

6. Long Route

To enjoy a long rafting route, try to come to Telaga Waja River, which is one of the longest rivers used for rafting activities. The average distance is 14-16 km from start point to finish. Time for 2.5 hours is enough for you to enjoy rafting well. White water rafting Bali can be one of the best outdoor recreation adventure options for you.

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6 Challenging Trips with Bali ATV Ride

Holidays in Bali can be enjoyed in various ways, one of which is the Bali ATV ride. Bali offers a very diverse tourist destination, from beautiful beaches, comfortable hotels, and nightclubs to fun and exciting adventures in nature using ATVs.

Many tourists complete their vacation by choosing ATV as a tour package that must be enjoyed during the holiday. Bali not only has beautiful beaches but many other natural beauties that can be explored.

So where can I ride an ATV in Bali? We will provide several recommendations for suitable locations to enjoy natural beauty while riding an ATV. Apart from being fun, this journey will have many tense obstacles that you will never forget.

The Best ATV Tours You Must Try While in Bali

Imagine exploring the wilderness or tropical rainforest in Bali. You will be on a thrilling journey because you will see many monkeys living freely in nature.

Even though not all forests have lots of monkeys roaming around, you will have a very enjoyable trip exploring the lush tropical rainforest and seeing a very beautiful waterfall.

Not only waterfalls, you will enjoy the beauty of the rice fields while riding an ATV. Here are some ATV tours that you should try while in Bali:

1. ATV Ride in Ubud

Ubud is one of the most popular villages in Bali. Apart from the beautiful rice terraces, Ubud also has many other natural beauties such as waterfalls, bamboo forests, and beautiful rivers.

An ATV tour in Ubud is the right choice to enjoy Bali from another side. This exciting activity has a winding and challenging path.

You will drive through rice fields, riverside areas, and bamboo forests in Ubud. Apart from the challenging route, you will experience a pleasant journey while enjoying clean air and seeing traditional villages in Bali.

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2. Enjoy waterfalls and tunnels in Bali

Apart from enjoying the tropical rainforest, you can also have a fun adventure by going through the tunnel to the waterfall. This ATV track is quite tense and is the right choice if you want to relieve stress.

You will get an extraordinary experience by going through tunnels to waterfalls in Bali. Different from the paths in rice fields or tropical rainforests, this tunnel ATV track is very tense.

The track is also longer than usual, you will pass through forests, rice fields, valleys, and quite tense cliff paths. After passing through the tunnel, you will find a hidden waterfall behind it.

3. ATV Ride and Rafting

Apart from enjoying the beauty of the waterfall, you can also go river rafting. You can choose this tour package if you want to enjoy the hidden natural beauty of Bali.

You will ride and explore remote places using an ATV. Then you will follow a river with a fast flow. Very enjoyable trip.

4. Sunrise Trekking

Apart from enjoying forests, rice fields, and waterfalls, the Bali ATV ride also offers trips to see the sunrise on Mount Batur. This is a very enjoyable tour.

You will ride using an ATV on the Mount Batur trekking route. You don’t need to get tired of walking to climb, then you can stop at the base camp for a coffee break while waiting for the sun to rise.

Your trip will be more enjoyable because you will be guided by a professional so that you can enjoy the beautiful beauty of Mount Batur and Lake Kintamani. Next, you will have an adventure in rice fields, bamboo forests, plantations, and rivers around Mount Batur.

5. ATV Ride on the Beach

If you want a comfortable trip without many obstacles, you can choose to ride an ATV along the coast of Bali. No need to go to Ubud, you can enjoy the beauty of the beach by riding an ATV in the afternoon while enjoying the sunset.

Ride your ATV to explore along the coastline while enjoying the beautiful sea views. You can even find a hidden paradise behind the beautiful beaches in Bali.

6. ATV Tour Hidden Canyon

Want to have a unique trip in Bali? You can choose the Hidden Canyon tour package to get an enjoyable experience. You will get a relaxing trip to the hilly area.

This area is far from the crowds and has quite challenging paths. You will use an ATV and pass through bamboo forests and rice fields. Then, you will find a fast-flowing river next to traditional villages in Bali.

After enjoying the pleasant route, you will arrive at Hidden Canyon Bali, one of the tourist destinations that must be visited.

Those are some ATV tours that you can choose to get a pleasant experience and trip in Bali. The Bali ATV ride above will complete your holiday while in Bali, especially for those of you who have a hobby of exploring forests on extreme routes. You will never forget this trip.

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Make Your Dream Event Come True in Bali

The Island of the Gods has become the dream destination of most people. Not only local tourists dream of vacationing on this beautiful island, foreign tourists are also left behind. Its natural charm is the reason why this island must be on your wish list.

Not only as a holiday destination, Bali event production will fulfill all the events you dream of. As is known, getting married in Bali is everyone’s dream. The reason is that getting married in an enchanting place will add to the serene atmosphere and become an unforgettable experience.

Exciting and Fun Activities to Do in Bali

Not just for vacation, just spend vacation time enjoying the beach and others. If you go to Bali, it turns out there are several exciting activities you can do. So what are these activities, see the information below.

Watching the Kecak dance

An activity that you should not miss if you are on holiday in Bali is watching the Kecak dance. Kecak Dance is a traditional dance from Bali. This art performance is one of the most fascinating attractions of Bali.

The uniqueness of this art is the expressive movements carried out by dancers wearing distinctive clothing and the sounds of cak screams from the dancers. The dancers will dance in the middle of the stage around several burning torches.

The area that most regularly holds art performances is in Uluwatu, to be precise at Pura Luhur Uluwatu. So if you want to see this art you have to go to that area. This temple is not only a place of worship but also a place to demonstrate this traditional art.

Just look at this area, there are several facilities specifically for spectators, namely there are lots of benches. What’s interesting is that when you watch this dance you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset which you shouldn’t miss.

Not only studying and gaining knowledge about this traditional art. However, you will also be fascinated by this temple because it is located on a cliff which is very suitable for watching the beauty of the sunset.

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Exploring Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo is a place that should not be missed when on holiday. Moreover, this place is very suitable to visit with family. This place offers various unique experiences to visitors because at Bali Zoo you will have the opportunity to see directly various collections of animals from all over the world.

Not only do you see the collection of animals, but you can also take part in several exciting activities such as having breakfast at Kampung Sumatra. In this unique and interesting activity you will have the opportunity to enjoy breakfast surrounded by orangutans. Apart from that, you can also try playing in the mud with elephants or try riding them to get around the area.

Test your adrenaline at Bali Safari Night

Not only Bali Zoo, but in Bali you can also test your adrenaline by visiting Bali Safari Night. Why is this place famous for testing adrenaline? This is because it is not only the dark atmosphere that can make you tense.

In this place you can also see wild and vicious animals up close. It feels like you are meeting these wild animals directly because to see them you will only be limited by clear glass. However, you don’t need to worry because you will be adventuring using a tram which is definitely safe because it is specially designed.

Hold a wedding or birthday event in Bali

Not only is it a dream tourist destination, but as is known, Bali is also a dream place for couples to get married. Bali event production will make your dream of holding a wedding in places with extraordinary views come true.

You can choose from various options ranging from indoor or outdoor and request them at the event production. Various enchanting places that can be used as recommendations for saying sacred vows include Le Meridien, Kamaya Bali, The Apurva Kempinski and so on.

Healing to Alas Harum

Bali has always been a dream destination because this place offers a calm natural charm making it suitable for healing. Alas Harum Bali must be included in your itinerary if you visit Bali. What you will get includes enjoying natural views that are still very beautiful, natural and of course enchanting.

The calm and cool atmosphere is what makes this place suitable for healing. Not only are there calm natural views, here you can also try riding a number of extreme rides. One of them is a swing that is at a height of 20 meters.

Even though it sounds very extreme because it is at a height, the views it offers will actually amaze you so much that you will feel at home on this ride for a long time. So instead of being afraid and tense, this place is actually suitable as a healing destination because riding extreme rides will actually make you relax.

Apart from being an extreme ride, riding this swing is also a must-have moment to capture. You can request to be photographed if you ride this ride. It doesn’t stop there, the surrounding scenery is always a target for photographers because it displays very interesting and aesthetic spots.

Climb Mount Batur

It’s not just the beach that is the main destination that must be visited. However, if you are on holiday in Bali, you can also try climbing Mount Batur, which is famous in remote areas of Bali. Yes, not only seeing the sunset or sunrise on the beach, but seeing this view from the mountain is also the right choice, especially if you are the type who likes adventure.

Mount Batur may be a climber’s dream mountain because it has relaxing trekking and is surrounded by truly amazing views. Mount Batur has a height of 1717 meters above sea level and to reach it you only need 2.5 hours on a leisurely walk.

If you look at it, it may not be very high, but enjoying the extraordinary natural charm will make your experience unforgettable. For those who want to make a comfortable and safe trip, you can also use the services of a guide who can guide the trip, especially if you are a beginner climber.

These are some unique and interesting activities that you can try in Bali. Apart from the activities above, to increase your knowledge about Indonesia you can also visit Nusa Park which is a cultural village.

In this place you will see various replicas from various regions such as Borobudur Temple. So if you visit this place it will be like exploring Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke.

For those of you who want to plan your dream event, you can use the services of Bali event production. I hope this information is helpful.

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6 Benefits of Traveling Across Country

Tastymaderecipes will always offer you so many delicious recipes that could comfort your tummy. We all know that delicious food is always a thing worth trying. Many different foods come from different countries.

Benefits of Traveling Across Country as Food Lovers

there are benefits of traveling across the country for people who like to eat. Finding a new food could be interesting and for some people, it would be heaven to try different food across the country. Today Tastymaderecipes will bring you on a journey, that will tell you the benefits of traveling across the country, especially for food lovers.

Here are some benefits of traveling across the country for a food lover. If you are a food lover, then you must know these benefits and hopefully, it will inspire you to start your culinary journey.

1.      Finding Unique Foods

One of the benefits that can be obtained by traveling across the country is, that you will be able to find foods that are unique and maybe you never tasted or seen before.

That’s why for food lovers traveling across the country is the only way to achieve different tasty food. So, if you looking for some new experience, then you must start to pack your things and go on a culinary journey.

2.      Finding Traditional Food

Each country certainly has its culinary history, and of course, has its special and signature foods that can only be found in a specific area. Of course, this is one of the best benefits, because you can be able to discover something new, especially in a culinary aspect.

3.      Discovers New Flavors

Every country always has different basic food ingredients. This makes every food in various countries have its taste. Going on a culinary journey like this will give you the best experience, especially regarding new flavors that you have never tasted before.

4.      Finding Different Food Ingredients

The other benefit that you can get from traveling across the country to eat is, of course, you will find lots of new food ingredients. Sure it will add interesting experience to your life.

Various kinds of food from each country, have different basic ingredients to make food with a delicious taste. That’s why traveling for a food lover is a must.

5.      Find a Historical Meaning in Every Dish

Culinary and history are two different things, but who would have thought that they are very closely related?

Because of that, authentic food from a different country will always have its history behind every food. Every bite that you will taste from traditional food will always have a rich meaning behind it, not only about the taste but also about the historical story behind it.

6.      Understanding the Differences of Each Food

With this, you will have a deeper understanding of the differences in each food. Besides will understand the taste, you will also understand historical and ancestral values that are passed down through taste and food.

The culinary journey is about finding new things from the past. That’s why for a food lover, you must travel across the country and find their signature, authentic and traditional food.

That’s all the benefits of traveling across the country that you can get as a food lover and culinary enthusiast.

If you want to find any good food recipes, then the perfect place for you is to visit

On this site, you will be able to find many different recipes from various countries. If you would like to try cooking some tasty food on your own, Tastymaderecipes will provide you with a piece of very good information on how you can accurately make them.

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7 Beautiful Places to Visit In Bali

It is commonly acknowledged by the world community that Bali is Indonesia’s tourism hub. Even the name Bali frequently enjoys greater notoriety than Indonesia itself. White sand beaches and big blue oceans make for a stunning setting. Bali is made even more unique by the cultural values and local knowledge of the people who are so dedicated to upholding the traditions and culture of their forefathers.

Kuta Beach is all that is currently known about Bali. Even though there are several additional undiscovered natural tourist spots. Here are a few Bali locations that are a must-see. If you are seeking an easiness to travel to these destinations about to be explained, you can just hire Bali driver.

The Bingin Beach

Southern Bali’s Bingin Beach is a secret beach with a million beauty. Since few people frequently visit this beach, it is still incredibly calm, much like a private beach. It is a nice place for those of you who enjoy tranquility. While Bingin Beach is visible from Dreamland Beach, getting there is extremely challenging. You must take a boat across the huge cliff separating the two.

Stone Jaran Hill

This hill is situated in southern Bali just on the cliffside next to Pura Luhur Uluwatu. Particularly around dusk, the vista from Batu Jaran Hill is breathtaking. From here, you may enjoy the thundering waves and the rowdy surfers. It makes sense that so many visitors use a drone or camera to capture the occasion.

The Tegal Wangi Beach

Specifically on the road leading to the Ayana Resort hotel, in front of Tegal Wangi Temple, in the historic hamlet of Jimbaran. Only in 2006 did a handful of seasoned photographers become aware of this beach. Tegal Wangi Beach is still quite peaceful as of right now. This location has lovely natural landscape and pure white sand. There are no fees to enter this beach; entry is free.

Aling Aling Waterfall

This waterfall is still located in the Buleleng region of Bali, just like Sekumpul Waterfall. Aling-Aling Waterfall, which may reach a height of up to 35 meters, is surrounded by towering cliffs that are densely covered in greenery, making it appear incredibly lovely. Therefore, it is understandable why the environment near this waterfall is so cool, lovely, and reviving. Try to hire Bali driver to get to this waterfall.

Sekumpul Waterfalls

Bali’s waterfalls, like Sekumpul Waterfall in Buleleng, northern Bali, are equally as beautiful as its beaches. This waterfall is relatively unknown since its position is concealed by Bali’s dense vegetation. The Sekumpul Waterfall is undoubtedly Bali’s biggest and most stunning waterfall. In this location, two streams of waterfalls with a combined height of 50 meters may be found side by side.

Love Hill

If you become tired of the ocean, Bali’s highland regions provide an attractive alternative. New to the eastern part of Bali is Love Hill near Gelumpang Village. The tallest mountain in Bali, Mount Agung, can be seen in the background behind a huge expanse of rice fields from this hill. It’s the perfect spot to relax because of how serene and tranquil the environment is.

Cemara Hill

Bukit Cemara is located in Karangasem and is comparable to Bukit Cinta. The precise site is in Bandem District’s Yeh Kori Village. In isolated communities, yet quite concealed. The environment is very cool and lovely in the natural world. Excellent for camping. Access to Bukit Cemara is fairly challenging; the route that must be traveled through features adrenaline-inducing rock climbs.

Well those are some beautiful places to visit in Bali. You can hire Bali driver to make your travel easy and more enjoyable!

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The Case for Traveling Alone

Holidays are the most interesting agenda on everyone’s annual list of activities. The reason is that vacations can be a means to increase experience, relieve stress due to work, or just fill spare time. Holidays are a happy thing for everyone.

Usually, people will have a vacation agenda with their friends. Going on vacation together will be more exciting, fun, and less intimidating. On the other hand, many people are still hesitant to go on vacation alone with all kinds of haunting fears.

Vacation Alone, As A Form of True Self-Healing

Vacationing alone may sound strange to everyone. Most people will be afraid of getting lost, or meeting bad people until there are no friends to share joys and sorrows. However, it turns out that there is nothing wrong with a vacation alone.

Vacationing alone was not as scary as imagined. Because there are so many benefits that can be felt from vacationing alone. Here are reasons why solo vacations are highly recommended:

  • Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

His name is also a comfort zone, it will make people addicted and don’t want to get out of it. However, it turns out that taking a vacation alone can train you to challenge yourself out of your comfort zone. With your vacation, you have to think carefully about planning.

With a vacation alone you will also be trained to have the courage to explore the city of people calmly without fear. At that time, you will be trained to be sensitive in finding solutions to any problems encountered. So that it will form a strong, tough, and brave personality.

  • Train To Be More Independent

Maybe all this time while on vacation we always depend on other people for some decisions. However, during the holidays, we will learn to be independent and not depend on anyone. At that time, we will also learn to fight laziness, fear, and also some feelings that often inhibit us from developing.

With your vacation, you are required to be able to find everything yourself, from finding food, and lodging, to traveling alone. In this case, instincts will be trained to find solutions to every problem. So that you can have a steady belief to be able to conquer the world.

  • Find Your True Self

Many people often question their identity, their reasons for living, and what they have done so far. But most people will only keep it to themselves to cause feelings of insecurity and overthinking. If you feel the incident, it would be very appropriate to choose a vacation alone.

The reason is with a vacation alone will help you find your identity. When you are alone in this new city you will find what you need. Guaranteed there will be no more activities to compare yourself with others or lament the fate that is said to be heartbreaking.

  • Train Self-Confidence

Taking a vacation exploring a city on your own will train you to make important decisions. You will learn how to make decisions based on instincts, conditions, situations, and also needs. So, you will be forced to believe in every decision that has been made.

Not only that but going on your vacation will also make you confident to ask new people about things you don’t know. This is very suitable to try for those of you who may be shy during your daily life to ask new people. Guaranteed confidence will increase drastically after returning from vacation.

  • Learn From Nature and Travel

As the saying goes, nature is a place to learn every science. Having your vacation not only makes you learn from nature but also can learn from travel. In this case, you can learn about new cultures, read natural signs, be grateful for what has been achieved, to learn to survive in every problem.

  • Can Appreciate the Little Things

Many people are already comfortable when going with friends. There is someone who wakes up, everything reminds you, so there is always help when you are stuck in a problem. With a vacation alone, you will not find these things. So that we can appreciate the sincerity of the people around us all this time.

Vacation alone can indeed provide a million benefits for the formation of personality and character. So, it never hurts to try traveling alone. Guaranteed to find amazing things that have been hidden.

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How to Get the Best of Travel

Living the days happily and full of enthusiasm is everyone’s hope and desire. How not, with a happy heart and enthusiasm can make heavy days feel lighter to live. In fact, in the right way, it can make it seem as if there has never been a problem in his daily life.

Many say a super day starts from the morning routine. If you start the day well and are full of energy, you’ll be in good spirits all night. Vice versa, if you start the day by complaining, then the days will seem to be harder to live.

Do A Fun Routine for Happy Days?

To have a fun day, you need to be well prepared in the morning. These routines can add to your positive energy in going through the day. Here’s the best way to bring positive energy to go through the day:

Enough Sleep

A day that is happy and full of enthusiasm is the result of preparation one day in advance. One of them is to have enough sleep. Adequate sleep for 8 hours can bring positive energy in undergoing tough days.

Unfortunately, most people prefer to delay sleep just to watch tv, play games, or even hang out and take a walk at night. Lack of sleep can cause the body to be unfit and feel sleepy throughout the day. This will make people tend to complain about carrying out their activities.


Bathing is the best and fastest way to regain the spirit that has been lost. Never skip a morning shower because it will provide a million positive energy for you to get through the day. especially if you take a shower using cold water which, will add oxygen to the body which and reduce stress.

Listening To Music

In addition to bathing, you can also listen to music in the morning to make your mind more relaxed. Play songs you like to start your day. Listening to music later can relax tense muscles and add thousands of enthusiasms to start activities.


Many people think that exercise in the morning is useless. Morning exercise is proven to increase enthusiasm and make blood circulation smooth. No need to do strenuous exercise, just do light exercise such as walking, jogging, or yoga and aerobics.


Today breakfast has become a habit that almost disappeared from civilization. Many people skip breakfast because they don’t have enough time or are even on a strict diet. Breakfast is a morning activity that should not be missed because it will provide a million benefits to the body.

With breakfast, it can help control blood sugar levels in the body and help control mood and add positive energy throughout the day. Breakfast can also make the mind more focused on doing something. So never leave breakfast because it can damage your health and daily mood.

As mentioned above, breakfast can bring a million benefits to the health of the body. However, many people do not understand how important breakfast is for health. The following is a description of the benefits that will be obtained with breakfast:

  • Improve Concentration

The first benefit of breakfast is that it can improve concentration. Breakfast ideally will provide good energy for the brain. So that it will encourage us to think more focused and faster in solving a problem.

  • Prevent Stomach Acid from Rising

No intake in the morning can be bad for health. The reason is that an empty stomach can make stomach acid rise uncontrollably. So, it is necessary to make sure to always have breakfast with nutritious foods and low sugar levels and rich in fiber to prevent stomach acid from rising.

Make The Bed

This habit is often overlooked by people. So don’t be surprised if many miss an important habit this morning. They think that making the bed is not a routine that must be done in the morning, it will be good to do it at night before going to bed.

However, it turns out that the habit of making the bed can add positive energy to get through the day. Many say that making the bed will make us feel ready to go through the challenges in the day ahead. Seeing a neat bed can also be a reference to keep you excited all day.

Making Plans

Many say that the preparation of a daily plan can help increase productivity during work. The reason is, that you already have an idea of ​​what work will be done, complete with the time allocation. So that the body will synergize to immediately complete the activities as planned at the beginning.

The preparation of this plan can be based on what needs to be prioritized. So that your precious time will not be wasted on useless things. However, it never hurts to occasionally entertain yourself with games or watch videos to relax your mind.

Avoid Checking Your Phone

Habits in the digital era seem to make it difficult for humans to separate from their favorite gadgets. How not, they will always check their cellphones regularly every day even if it has become a mandatory routine when their eyes have just opened. This habit can ruin your morning.

The reason is that when you open your phone you can see a series of piles of work. This will make the brain and body ready for work mode. Whereas in the morning the body should be focused on preparing itself to stay productive throughout the day.

The above method can be done every day in the early morning. A beautiful morning will have an impact on work productivity for one day. So never underestimate small habits that will make your day full of happiness and extraordinary surprises.

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