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Memorable Activities for Your Travel Adventures in Bali

There are many activities that tourists can do in Bali, but what are the memorable activities that can be done on this enchanting island? So, are any of you planning a vacation to Bali? If yes, then find out some popular and memorable Bali activities that you can do there.

Bali With Many Amazing Things To Do

Bali is indeed one of the best tourist islands in the world, but many tourists are quite confused when they vacation in Bali. There are more and more tourist attractions and tourist activities that can be done here. The beauty of the beaches alone is enough to make us heal from the burden of everyday thoughts.

In addition to the beaches, Bali’s forests, mountains, rice fields, and rural areas are also very beautiful. Various interesting, exciting, and challenging options can also be tried in Bali such as rafting, surfing, trekking, cycling, riding ATVs, and so on.

Memorable Activities You Must Do In Bali

If you are planning a vacation to Bali, then consider some of the activities below for an unforgettable travel experience.

Quad Bike Adventure

Have you ever ridden a quad bike? Quad bikes are 4-wheeled motorcycles, and you can find many tour packages that include this ATV activity. You’ll ride through the jungle, explore challenging routes, and pass through Balinese village areas, and green rice paddies while taking an ATV adventure.

Quad bikes are quite easy to operate, and you will be guided by an instructor so that you can safely and easily ride the ATV. Choose between riding with a guide, riding with a friend, or riding alone. This activity can also be customized according to a group’s riding ability, one of the considerations is whether the route is for beginners or challenging.

To keep the ride safe, each participant must wear a helmet. You should also bring a change of clothes as you will often have to ride through wet and muddy roads.

Cliff Diving At A Beautiful And Refreshing Waterfall

If you want to experience an adventure like no other, then you can visit Kali Kecil Gorge and Kalimudah Gorge. Both are places where you can enjoy exciting and challenging adventures with the freshness of real water.

Along the route, you will find beautiful waterfalls and small canyons. Once you’ve had enough of the enchanting natural scenery, you can do some challenging and fun activities there ranging from swimming and jumping into the water from the cliff.

Then the most interesting activity is climbing down a fairly high cliff while struggling with the splashing and flowing waterfall. You might underestimate this activity, but you’ll be tested on this cliff adventure. You have to prepare your physique first before doing this activity.

If you take a package tour, you may be guided to suit your skill level. So, beginners or children can try this activity. Last but not least, the weather. Make sure to check the weather forecast beforehand to ensure safety.


Flyboarding is one of the Bali activities you can try if you want to try water sports that can make you feel like Iron Man. Nusa Dua is one of the spots for you to get the best flyboarding experience, this beach offers extraordinary beauty and a variety of interesting activities. In this flyboarding activity, you will fly over the ocean with power jet energy. Although at first glance it looks quite easy, this activity is quite tricky, you need to maintain a good balance to stay hovering in the air.

If you’re good enough at flyboarding, then try to glide into the clear and refreshing sea water like a dolphin. Doing flyboarding can be a proud and memorable achievement for you.

An Exciting, Challenging, And Beautiful Rafting Adventure

Explore challenging river routes with an inflatable boat. Rafting activities let you follow the swift currents of Bali’s best rivers like Ayung and Telaga Waja. You’ll be racing down the river and even traversing a 5-meter drop as you make your way down the waterfall. Telaga Waja is one of the popular rivers for rafting and has its rafting challenges including for those who are experienced in this activity.

You and your rafting friends will paddle an inflatable boat while avoiding tree branches and rocks so as not to block the way. Because it is quite challenging and tiring, you need to prepare your physique well.

Trekking To Batur Mount

If you’re a fan of adventure, then you can try filling your vacation free time with trekking to one of the best mountains in Bali, Mount Batur. Everyone can try this activity but it is more recommended for those who have enough trekking experience. Usually, trekking activities start very early in the morning, around 03:00 am so that you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise view from the top of the mountain.

Fun Cycling Around The Beauty Of Bali

Cycling is one of the main tourist activities in Bali. You can try taking a cycling tour package that provides an interesting schedule to explore Bali. One of the interesting points of this activity is that you will cycle through the very beautiful Lake Batur.

There are many interesting stops on the Bali cycling route, get your camera ready and take your best photos. Many beautiful temples you will meet within the cycling route and maybe the tour package will include a visit to a top culinary spot too.

Watch A Performance Of The Very Popular Kecak Dance

Bali has a very popular traditional dance, Kecak Dance. This is Bali’s other attraction apart from the beauty of its tourism. The unique thing about Kecak Dance is the expressive movements, the screaming sound, and the distinctive clothing of the dancers. So, those are some memorable Bali activities for you.