Where is Best Fitness Gym in Bali?

Who says Bali is just for sightseeing? Actually, there are lots of gyms in Bali for working out. These places are great for both locals and tourists who are staying on the island for a while. While you’re exercising, you can also enjoy the beauty of Bali since the gyms are close to tourist spots.

Exercise is important for staying healthy. Whether you’re in a public area or a gym, working out has become a trend in Bali. Well, if you’re looking for a gym in Bali, you might want to check out Nirvana.

Nirvana is one of the best and most popular Canggu fitness gym. Various exciting sports programs can be enjoyed here. Nirvana is a fitness center that offers various luxurious and safe facilities. This is because Nirvana prioritizes the safety and comfort of its members and other gym guests. It is no wonder that Nirvana is among the best fitness places in the world along with other gyms in various countries.

Membership Service Packages at Nirvana

Here are some services you can choose from if you become a member of Nirvana:

– Transformation Packages

First, you can enjoy transformation packages specially designed for those who aim to lose weight, build muscles, or improve mobility. So if you have fitness goals at Nirvana, you can choose transformation packages. This package includes four stages of training. The first stage is the pre-program assessment. After selecting this package and determining your trainer, you need to mention your goals, whether it’s weight loss, muscle building, or others.

The first program focuses on weight gain training. For those aiming to reach their desired weight, various effective techniques will be employed. These techniques are known to be the best way to increase muscle mass while maintaining health.

The second program is for those on a diet. Special techniques proven to eliminate fat while maintaining health will be implemented.

Next, you’ll receive a fitness assessment related to the nutritional intake needed during the program to achieve your goals. Additionally, you’ll be briefed on the general overview of the exercises to be performed.

After understanding your goals and the training to be received, in the second stage, you’ll receive a personalized training program. Trainers will develop a comprehensive fitness program tailored to your needs. You’ll need to pay attention to various aspects of the training such as exercises to be done, repetitions, intensity, and training volume.

In the third stage, as you undergo the training, you can monitor your progress closely. Throughout this transformation, you’ll be able to track your progress effectively. The final stage involves a post-program assessment where the trainer evaluates the changes that have occurred.

It’s worth noting that by choosing this transformation package, you’ll have full access to strength and wellness classes every week. Additionally, you’ll receive a daily healthy meal package from breakfast to dinner.

Not only do you have full access to classes, but you can also enjoy various facilities in the recovery center such as baths, ice baths, sauna rooms, hot tubs, and exclusive member areas. Moreover, you’ll receive complimentary transportation to and from Nirvana from your accommodation.

– Personal Training

Another package you can enjoy at Canggu fitness gym is personal training. Nirvana is known for the friendliness of its staff, from receptionists to trainers. Nirvana intentionally fosters a friendly community atmosphere, ensuring comfort without intimidation and providing a peaceful environment.

Nirvana always strives to create a warm atmosphere and fosters friendships between personal trainers and members. Our personal training excels in providing thorough instructions.

As mentioned earlier, before commencing the desired program, trainers will inquire about your goals. With these specific goals in mind, trainers will focus on training with various specific methods.

Despite being friendly and approachable, our trainers prioritize professionalism. They understand the boundaries between trainers and members, yet create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere to help members achieve their goals.

In addition to providing comfort, our trainers also prioritize the needs of the members. So when planning the training regimen, trainers always tailor it to the members’ exercise habits or individual needs.

Apart from providing in-depth instructions, you’re free to inquire about the goals of the training. Trainers will provide explanations, enriching your knowledge about fitness.

Those are some services available at Nirvana, Canggu fitness gym. We hope this information is helpful. Choose your classes or training at Nirvana soon.

You can attend classes offered for 1 to 4 weeks according to your needs. For more information, visit the Nirvana website at You can also make reservations or inquire about various training options through the contact information provided on the website.

So, that’s the best place you can visit if you want to go to the gym in Bali. For more complete information, you can visit Nirvana directly or just visit their website to contact them via email or WhatsApp. Come on, live healthier by going to the gym more often at Nirvana Bali.