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6 Reasons Why White Water Rafting Popular in Bali

The island of Bali is one of the tourist destinations for Asian or even world tourists. Bali offers many attractions both from the aspect of culture, natural beauty, culinary, and many exciting activity options for your vacation needs. White water rafting Bali can be one of the most interesting vacation activities for you.

There are many reasons why travelers love this rafting activity, let’s find out what makes this activity special.

The Main Rivers In Bali That You Can Choose For Rafting

Telaga Waja is one of the popular rivers for those looking for a challenging adventure with white water rafting. The location of Telaga Waja is perfect for those of you who want to try to feel the ease of rafting access because you don’t need to go through a difficult route. The stairs you need to climb are not too many.

The duration of rafting lasts approximately 2 hours – 2.5 hours on the Telaga Waja River, with a distance of 14-16 kilometers. The route is quite interesting, and the rafting participants can see beautiful scenery. Usually, those who want to go rafting here choose the rafting package.

In this rafting package, professional guides, transportation, food, and all necessary equipment are included. You can get an unforgettable experience while in Bali with rafting activities. Each river in Bali that can be used for rafting can offer a unique experience, the difficulty level varies so that each rafting enthusiast can choose.

In Bali, there are at least three rivers that you can choose from for rafting:

1. Telaga Waja, Karangasem

One of them that we have discussed above, is Telaga Waja. This river can offer high challenges, its rapids are class II to IV. Telaga Waja is ideal if you are looking for a more challenging experience.

2. Ayung River, Ubud

Ubud is a very popular Bali tourist destination, Ayung river is more suitable for those of you who are beginners. The route on the river is relaxing, the scenery is also very beautiful.

3. Melangit River, Klungkung

Melangit River is another river option for rafting in Bali that offers a mix of thrilling rapids with breathtaking views.

Telaga Waja is one of Bali’s most popular rivers, the natural scenery is stunning, and it is one of Bali’s longest routes for rafting. The river has extreme rapids so it can challenge you well. You will also find a 5-meter waterfall slide that makes the experience even more unforgettable.

Ubud is a very popular area in Bali, you can experience breathtaking scenery with many interesting tourist attractions. As your top choice, you can consider rafting on the Ayung River if you want to experience a relaxing thrilling sensation.

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Why Travelers Love Rafting in Bali

Many tourists from Europe and Australia or other regions like extreme vacation activities. Many rivers in Bali are challenging enough to be a rafting location. Apart from Australia and Europe, many Asian tourists are also interested in white water rafting Bali.

So what makes many people love Bali rafting? Check out the reasons below.

1. Easy Access To The Location

Many people complain about the difficult access to the rafting location, for example, because of the large number of stairs. The thing that tourists often consider when they want to book a rafting package is how easy and fast the access to the river is. They want to know which river has an easy path to and from the lobby.

You can find rivers with a small number of steps in Bali. You will not be exhausted at the beginning when you want to enjoy rafting. The average number of steps you have to go through is 15-20 steps. The tourist management has also updated various infrastructures that can make tourists’ access to the river location safer and more comfortable.

2. Location Close To Ubud

As discussed earlier, there is one river that you can go rafting on in Ubud, the Ayung River. It is just an hour’s drive to get to this river from various tourist centers, and only about a 20-minute drive if you are from Ubud.

Several rafting packages can be chosen for rafting on this river. Each rafting package is dedicated to the best assistance of rafting tours whenever you want to start exploring the river in the Ubud area. Try visiting the official website of the rafting package provider and choose the one you need the most.

3. Rafting For All Levels

Calm water conditions, standard inclines, and manageable turns can be found on Bali’s rivers. The river flow in the Ayung River can provide the right excitement for anyone. Even children to the elderly are allowed to participate at certain rafting levels.

Even so, it is necessary to read carefully every condition applied by each organizer. The conditions may be quite different between each rafting package. Make sure to check the safety rules and age restrictions in detail. Then what you should not forget is the walking distance to the river location.

4. Get The Perfect Vacation In Bali

Refresh your mind with a thrilling experience on Bali’s rivers. Although this is an extreme activity, the rafting package will organize everything well so that you can still enjoy it. This is the perfect activity for those of you who want to refresh yourself with an unforgettable experience.

Each rafting participant will be provided with training and safety equipment. You will be trained in the initial skills and insights regarding basic rafting maneuvers. Professional guides will make things safer and smoother. You can enjoy your moment well while on the raft. Feeling happy is the core of this activity, keep your spirits up, and don’t hold back your inner self.

5. A Breathtaking View

On many of Bali’s rivers, you can enjoy the clear waters of rivers flowing down the valleys, and pass by spots of Bali’s extraordinary natural wonders. You can encounter calming rainforests, rice fields, waterfalls, beautiful rocks, and so on. Through Bali rafting activities, you can see spectacular panoramas in Bali and may even have the opportunity to meet the wildlife.

6. Long Route

To enjoy a long rafting route, try to come to Telaga Waja River, which is one of the longest rivers used for rafting activities. The average distance is 14-16 km from start point to finish. Time for 2.5 hours is enough for you to enjoy rafting well. White water rafting Bali can be one of the best outdoor recreation adventure options for you.