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10 Best Activities for Travel Enthusiasts

There are several recommendations for activities in Bali that travel fans can do, such as making unique photos and videos. Your holiday will be memorable with several exciting and interesting activities. Moreover, Bali has many recommendations for tourist attractions that you can visit.

Besides that, you can also try new things while traveling. There are definitely lots of exciting things you can try when traveling with friends or your partner. So, below are 10 recommended activities that travel fans can do when traveling.

10 Recommendations for Exciting Activities for Travel Fans

Especially for travel fans who want to have an exciting experience while traveling, you can try some of the best activities, such as:

1. Create Unique Photos and Videos

Traveling will be an exciting moment so you should take a number of photos while on holiday. If possible, not only make photos, but also unique videos during your tour. You can keep memento documents during your vacation in Bali or other places.

You can also share photos and videos during your trip on social media. Look for unique spots at several tourist attractions you visit and then take photos there. Try making a video like a vlog during your trip to make it more exciting to have a memento that you can keep at any time.

2. Hunting Souvenirs

Apart from being able to immortalize moments during your holidays, you should also try hunting for souvenirs. Usually in tourist attractions or cities there are several souvenir shops that sell various unique and interesting items. Especially for those of you who like collecting antique and cute items, you must visit the nearest souvenir shop.

Usually souvenir shops are found at tourist locations so you can get souvenirs typical of that area. This activity is very interesting, especially if you like antiques so you can expand your collection at home.

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3. Send a Postcard

This is one of many interesting activities in Bali, and that is sending postcards when visiting a place far from where you live. Moreover, you have a close friend or partner who is leaving on holiday, so try sending them a letter. You can use postal delivery services to send letters to them.

Tell us about all the exciting, emotional and enjoyable experiences during your trip. Your family, friends or even your partner will definitely not expect to get a letter from you, even though you are on a tourist trip.

4. Participate in Traditional Festivals

Try taking part in traditional festival events in the place or area you are currently visiting. Usually each region has different traditional festivals. If you have the opportunity to come to this place, you must take part in the festival.

For example, when you travel to Bali, you can take part in festivals which are very common in Bali. Moreover, the culture on the Island of the Gods is very diverse and is a special attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. You can find out more about local culture and gain new experiences.

5. Walk

Another exciting activity that you should do during your tour is try walking from your accommodation to a tourist spot that is not too far away. There’s no harm in trying to walk because it will be an exciting experience. If taking public transportation or private vehicles feels boring, you can try this activity.

You can explore several corners of the region or area you are visiting on foot. Walking is also very good for your health so you can try it while looking for exciting tourist attractions around the accommodation. You can rely on Google Maps to easily visit the places you want to go while walking.

6. Outbound in Nature

Outbound is also one of the best recommended activities that can be done for travel. For those of you who are planning a holiday, you can try this outdoor activity. There are many tourist attractions that offer exciting activities, such as outbound, nature exploring and so on.

You can also invite your friends or partner to do this exciting activity to make it more fun. Outbound is an activity carried out in nature that you can try to relieve fatigue and stress.

7. Visit the City Park

When traveling, you can visit the city park where you are currently visiting. During holidays, of course you want a calming and beautiful atmosphere. One of the recommended activities that you can do is visit a city park which is quite popular.

There you can get fresh air and relieve fatigue while walking around the city park. You can also sit back and relax in the place provided there to take a short break while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere in the city park. You can invite your children or partner to visit this place to make it more memorable.

8. Relax with a Spa

While traveling, you can relax yourself with the spa available where you stay. You must do this best activity while traveling to relieve fatigue. Spas also provide many other benefits, such as eliminating fatigue, making the body fresh and many more.

Usually there are many accommodations that have spa facilities that you can take advantage of. Make a special agenda for relaxation and pampering yourself during the holidays. During the holidays, your body may be tired, so you can feel fresh again after doing a spa.

9. Romantic Dinner

For those of you who have plans for a holiday with your partner, you should try different and fun activities. One example is a romantic dinner with your partner in a beautiful place. Moreover, you are traveling in Bali, where there are many romantic places with beautiful beach views for dinner.

You can also prepare a surprise for your partner with a romantic dinner so that the relationship becomes stronger. Choose a place for a beautiful dinner with delicious food to make it more memorable. You can look for information on recommendations for the best romantic dinner places in Bali or other places as you wish.

10. Go on a Culinary Tour

Try doing a culinary tour during your trip so you don’t get bored. You must try this holiday activity so you can taste some of the delicious food in the place you visit. Moreover, every region definitely has special foods with unique flavors, so you must try them.

Make an agenda to visit several food places with delicious menus that you must try during your trip. You can also invite your partner or friend on a favorite culinary tour to make it even more exciting.

So, those are all the recommendations for the most exciting activities in Bali that you can do while traveling with friends or your partner.