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6 Challenging Trips with Bali ATV Ride

Holidays in Bali can be enjoyed in various ways, one of which is the Bali ATV ride. Bali offers a very diverse tourist destination, from beautiful beaches, comfortable hotels, and nightclubs to fun and exciting adventures in nature using ATVs.

Many tourists complete their vacation by choosing ATV as a tour package that must be enjoyed during the holiday. Bali not only has beautiful beaches but many other natural beauties that can be explored.

So where can I ride an ATV in Bali? We will provide several recommendations for suitable locations to enjoy natural beauty while riding an ATV. Apart from being fun, this journey will have many tense obstacles that you will never forget.

The Best ATV Tours You Must Try While in Bali

Imagine exploring the wilderness or tropical rainforest in Bali. You will be on a thrilling journey because you will see many monkeys living freely in nature.

Even though not all forests have lots of monkeys roaming around, you will have a very enjoyable trip exploring the lush tropical rainforest and seeing a very beautiful waterfall.

Not only waterfalls, you will enjoy the beauty of the rice fields while riding an ATV. Here are some ATV tours that you should try while in Bali:

1. ATV Ride in Ubud

Ubud is one of the most popular villages in Bali. Apart from the beautiful rice terraces, Ubud also has many other natural beauties such as waterfalls, bamboo forests, and beautiful rivers.

An ATV tour in Ubud is the right choice to enjoy Bali from another side. This exciting activity has a winding and challenging path.

You will drive through rice fields, riverside areas, and bamboo forests in Ubud. Apart from the challenging route, you will experience a pleasant journey while enjoying clean air and seeing traditional villages in Bali.

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2. Enjoy waterfalls and tunnels in Bali

Apart from enjoying the tropical rainforest, you can also have a fun adventure by going through the tunnel to the waterfall. This ATV track is quite tense and is the right choice if you want to relieve stress.

You will get an extraordinary experience by going through tunnels to waterfalls in Bali. Different from the paths in rice fields or tropical rainforests, this tunnel ATV track is very tense.

The track is also longer than usual, you will pass through forests, rice fields, valleys, and quite tense cliff paths. After passing through the tunnel, you will find a hidden waterfall behind it.

3. ATV Ride and Rafting

Apart from enjoying the beauty of the waterfall, you can also go river rafting. You can choose this tour package if you want to enjoy the hidden natural beauty of Bali.

You will ride and explore remote places using an ATV. Then you will follow a river with a fast flow. Very enjoyable trip.

4. Sunrise Trekking

Apart from enjoying forests, rice fields, and waterfalls, the Bali ATV ride also offers trips to see the sunrise on Mount Batur. This is a very enjoyable tour.

You will ride using an ATV on the Mount Batur trekking route. You don’t need to get tired of walking to climb, then you can stop at the base camp for a coffee break while waiting for the sun to rise.

Your trip will be more enjoyable because you will be guided by a professional so that you can enjoy the beautiful beauty of Mount Batur and Lake Kintamani. Next, you will have an adventure in rice fields, bamboo forests, plantations, and rivers around Mount Batur.

5. ATV Ride on the Beach

If you want a comfortable trip without many obstacles, you can choose to ride an ATV along the coast of Bali. No need to go to Ubud, you can enjoy the beauty of the beach by riding an ATV in the afternoon while enjoying the sunset.

Ride your ATV to explore along the coastline while enjoying the beautiful sea views. You can even find a hidden paradise behind the beautiful beaches in Bali.

6. ATV Tour Hidden Canyon

Want to have a unique trip in Bali? You can choose the Hidden Canyon tour package to get an enjoyable experience. You will get a relaxing trip to the hilly area.

This area is far from the crowds and has quite challenging paths. You will use an ATV and pass through bamboo forests and rice fields. Then, you will find a fast-flowing river next to traditional villages in Bali.

After enjoying the pleasant route, you will arrive at Hidden Canyon Bali, one of the tourist destinations that must be visited.

Those are some ATV tours that you can choose to get a pleasant experience and trip in Bali. The Bali ATV ride above will complete your holiday while in Bali, especially for those of you who have a hobby of exploring forests on extreme routes. You will never forget this trip.