Meet Sarah

Hello! Welcome to my blog, my name is Sarah Bester and through my blog here, I love to share my passion for Lifestyle, Home & Decor, Travel & Leisure, and Food & Entertaining. It is not much, but it is honest work, as I deeply enjoy blogging and writing articles. I have been blogging and writing so many articles about my passion for more than 5 years.

I know that these kinds of content have been talked about, and written articles hundreds, and thousands of times on the internet. However, I still like to share my opinion, and what things I know from the Internet. Everything will always be present in our lives, from traveling to food, and home decor to lifestyle.

So, What you can find on my website? Just like I said earlier, I’d like to talk about my passion for foods, home decor, lifestyle, and entertainment information too. These are things that you can expect from my Blog here.

Lifestyle. With a good lifestyle, comes a healthy balance in our life. Not just for a healthy body, but a healthy mindset, and purpose in our life. Even though I am not the expert or the best person to give your life lessons, perhaps my insight could help you find balance in your lifestyle.

Home & Decor. If you are looking for home decor ideas, then you have come to the right place. I will share the latest trend in home exterior and interior design ideas.

Travel & Leisure. There are many beautiful places in the world so I will talk about them in this blog too.

Food & Entertaining. Good foods mean good life, this is my motto, and as you can see, I am pretty enthusiastic about food and culinary and I even do a little bit of cooking myself. Bit of entertainment from all around the world, the newest movie and artist news, a few movie reviews, and what things you should look out for in future movies, TV series, and games.

So, as a closing statement, I always wanted to make difference in my life, I wanted to make something worthwhile, help another person, and always share my thoughts and lesson on the internet. If you have any critiques and suggestions, you can always find me on my website here.