Integrating Legal Awareness into Everyday Life

The laws that apply in a country are things that citizens must follow. If they violate applicable laws, they will receive punishment in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Therefore, it is very important for someone entering the state structure to understand legal definition and explanation.

Talking about law, law is defined as a set of regulations containing orders and prohibitions that regulate the order of a society, therefore society must obey them. On the other hand, experts also argue that the nature of this law is also coercive, with the aim of regulating human behavior, therefore there are consequences when breaking these rules.

The many violations that people commit until they end up in prison and become prisoners is the result of ignorance about the law itself. In fact, when people know the law, they will act according to the rules. On the other hand, he also knows the consequences of punishment if he violates it, so that is a limit for him not to do anything deviant.

Legal Elements

After knowing the general meaning of law, the discussion continues on the elements of law. According to several opinions, we can conclude that the legal elements are at least as follows:

  1. Relating to human behavior in socializing in society.
  2. Regulations are made by official bodies or authorities
  3. Regulations will be coercive
  4. Provide sanctions for law violators


From the elements mentioned, experts also added important points related to legal abstractions which cannot be touched with the senses, but whose presence can still be felt. This legal element also basically arises from humans themselves, namely in the form of creativity, taste, intention.


Then the concrete side of law whose sources come from nature, humans and culture which then gives birth to the science of reality. These legal elements include external social aspects that occur in social interactions.

Understanding Legal Awareness

Legal awareness means the awareness of people or groups of people regarding the legal rules that apply in their country or environment. You have certainly seen the many crimes that occur in communities throughout the world, and all of this occurs as a result of a lack of legal definition and explanation.

One of the reasons for people’s lack of legal awareness is that they do not give themselves insight into the applicable laws. On the other hand, the authorities also do not provide sufficient education to the public regarding the law. That’s why; many of them don’t know the rules and the consequences of these violations, so in other words they act wrongly due to their ignorance.

Benefits of Legal Awareness for Society

Humans are naturally equipped with traits, characters, desires, talents and interests that are different from each other. On the other hand, humans as social creatures also need other humans to fulfill their needs and personal development. Therefore, it cannot be separated from interaction, socialization and community.

In a social pattern, it is very possible for there to be differences of opinion as a result of differences in interests which have the potential to cause violations in the middle of the interaction process. Therefore, there are laws that apply to regulate everything. However, what is more important than that is public awareness of the law.

Having awareness of the law will make people consciously want to maintain security, order, peace and tranquility at least in their own environment, or more broadly, maintain the stability of the country. If society is not equipped with legal knowledge and is not aware of it, then this noble goal will be very difficult to achieve.

Benefits for Students

As the next generation, legal education will be very important to increase legal awareness from an early age. If an understanding of the law and legal consequences has been instilled since school, then students will not be involved in many riots, carrying out detrimental actions at school, bullying practices, and preventing shooting cases by school children which have often occurred in the past.

Benefits for Prisoners

It is true that prisoners have been law breakers in the past, but the existence of legal education with the aim of instilling legal awareness during the rehabilitation process will reduce the possibility of them committing crimes again after leaving prison.

The legal awareness that has been cultivated since being in prison will give them an understanding of their rights and also the rights of others according to applicable law. Prisoners who have been confirmed to have an understanding of the applicable legal system will certainly experience a change in attitude, and this is what will reduce fear in society so that they are willing to accept ex-convicts into the structure of society.

Benefits for State Officials

State laws are basically made by high authorities in a country. However, legal awareness itself also needs to be instilled in officials and high-ranking state officials. The aim is so that they can limit their power and continue to carry out their functions as heads of state or officials who represent the interests of the people.

Imagine if there was no legal awareness embedded in the hearts and minds of state officials and officials, they might act arbitrarily and make policies that only prioritize group interests, and ignore the interests of the wider community.

Legal definition and explanation to boost legal awareness is indeed an essential thing that must be possessed by every level of society from the bottom to the top in order to create synergy in state administration, thereby it will create a state that is honest, fair and in accordance with applicable laws.