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How to Create Cat-Friendly Harmonious Living Space

Bringing a cat to your home can be a joyful experience, and it can be quite exciting too. Cats are very popular choices of pets, and they are very lovable, cute, as well as intelligent creatures. Not to mention that cats are naturally clean creatures too, which means it isn’t that hard to keep your cats and living environment clean. As such, cats are an amazing addition to the family pets.

To ensure that your cat has a lovely space that they can use to play around comfortably, you will need to design your cat space, shaping it into cat friendly-living space. To design it, you will need several considerations, such as how to ensure your cats are safely playing in their space, how to protect a lot of dangerous things such as electric sockets or glasses, and many more.

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To ensure you can create a cat-friendly living space that incorporates both safe and fun living space for your cat, here are a few tips you can use to make a cat-friendly room for yourself.

Tips On How To Design A Cat-Friendly Harmonious Living Space

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1. Create Vertical Space For Your Cat

Cats are predatory animals, which means they have the instinct to hunt, stalk their prey, and also climbing. Therefore, when designing a cat-friendly harmonious living space, you will need to create a vertical space for your cat to jump and climb around in your home. Not only it gives them exercise, but it will also satiate their thirst for exploration and curiosity.

2. Choose Cat-Friendly Furniture

There are many choices of furniture when it comes to designing cat-friendly harmonious living spaces. Living together with your cats can be quite an exciting way for everyone to enjoy. Not only that, knowing how to design a cat-friendly harmonious living space, can help you to co-exist, and better bond with your cats in your home.

Choose cat-friendly furniture that is resistant to scratch, avoid choosing glasses furniture, and avoid putting any fragile things that can be reached with your cat paws. Cats are naturally curious creatures, and whenever they see something brand new and shiny, suffice to say, they will check it out.

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3. Place Litter-Box Carefully Around Your House

Placing a litter box in your home is very important, as a litter box is a toilet for your cats, and also a place where they could get some privacy around. So, it is important to place a litter box for your cats away from prying eyes, and away from any places near your bed, living room, or course because of the odor.

Make sure to toilet train your cats, and if you are having multiple cats around your home, ensure that you put more than one litter box around your home to make them comfortable, and have better privacy.

4. Create Cozy Nooks And Crannies Around Your Home

Cats love to explore every nook and cranny around your home, especially when they are climbing around, jumping, and clawing their paw. Cats are natural-born climbers, and if you give them enough vertical space, as well as adding nooks and crannies, it can help to channel their energies and give more exercise to your cats.

Not only that, with cozy nooks and crannies, as well as some hideaways for your cats, it can also be a comfortable place for your cats to nap, and just chill around your home.

5. Provide Stimulating Toys And Enrichment

Cats are naturally curious creatures, as they would need constant mental and physical stimulation every day. You can invest in a variety of cat toys, such as cat grass, cats ball, strings, puzzle feeders, scratching posts, and so on. This way, it will keep them entertained and relaxed, while also burning a few calories and energy that they might have.

Consider also incorporating a cat house, and vertical, as well as wall-mounted toys, as it can help your cat to exercise better after eating.

6. Designate Your Cat-Friendly Dining Spot

Create a specially designated dining area for your cats, and ensure that you separate it from their litter box. Some cats won’t even touch any food if it is in the vicinity of their litter box, and of course because of hygiene factors as well. Cats prefer to eat in quiet space, clean, and make sure that it is away from their intended elimination, or hunting area.

Choose many elevated feeding bowls designed, as they can help to promote better digestion, reducing strain on the cat’s neck and back. Fresh water should also be available for your cats.

Designing a cat-friendly harmonious living space can be quite a hassle, as you will need to design a lot of cat toys, furniture, and catwalks. Incorporating a lot of toys, and furniture that satisfies your cat’s instincts such as climbing instinct for vertical structure, scratching posts, nooks and crannies, holes, hideaways, and many more. All of them can be designed, and created with easy DIY projects.

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