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Improve Daily Mood With Listening Happy Music

In the era of today’s digitalization is very easy to find and listen to music, where one of them can be heard through mp3juices. You can listen to all genres of music from rock, romantic, instrumental, classical, jazz, pop, reggae, EDM, and remix. Listening to music can also improve the mood, and also make the mind healthier. As a good reader, of course, you have to know what is music, some music genres, various music, music elements, and benefits of listening to music.

What Is Music?

Music can be interpreted as a combination of tone, vocals, and also instruments to express everything emotionally. Listening to or playing music can also express a person’s feelings or circumstances. For example, you listen to sad music when it’s upset, or you play music while in a happy feeling.

Music Genres

Kinds of music are divided into five, namely:

  1. Classical music

Maybe you are not cool anymore with this music genre instead. Classical music is generally liked by parents. As the name implies, this classical music is released in the 90s, which makes it rarely liked by young people. Classical music itself has a high artistic value. The distinctive feature of this music is the arrangement of beautiful tones and sounds.

  1. Jazz music

Jazz music first appeared by combining several musical instruments to produce new sounds. This music is a combination of blues music, ragtime, and Europe. Calm and classy music makes many parents like this music genre, but often some young people like this music.

  1. Rock music 

Rock music began popular in 1940. Rock music is usually characterized by the sound of an electric guitar as an instrument in this music genre. Not to mention the addition of bass, drums, and other instruments add to the charm of this music.

  1. Pop music

Surely you are no stranger to this type of music. Pop music is very popular among teenagers. The song is simple and the lyrics of the song are easily memorized making many people sing this type of music. The characteristics of their pop music are simple lyrics and tones. Pop music can be accepted by all people who make it universal. You can also listen to various good music on mp3juices.

  1. Reggae Music 

Reggae Music is quite popular among teenagers. For those who like the genre of this song is a pleasure of its own when they heard this song. Reggae music is characterized by a backbeat rhythm and simple progressive chords. Usually, this music is accompanied by guitar, bass, and also drums.

  1. Dangdut

Dangdut Music is a genre of original music from Indonesia. The combination of typical Indian music and Malay with typical Javan drums makes this music genre loved by many groups of children, teenagers, and even adults. Along with the times, dangdut music is now popular in all circles. Not only in Indonesia, but there is also some popular dangdut music in foreign countries.

Music Elements

The following are some of the elements of music, namely:

– The rhythm

– Melody

– Birama

– Harmony

– Tempo

– Staircase 

– Dynamics

– Timbre

Music Function

Based on its development, music has the following functions and benefits :

  1. As a place to express yourself

As discussed at the beginning, music can be a place of outpouring, representing a feeling, and state of someone. Music is also the right medium to express ideas, and also someone’s feelings.

  1. The means of music therapy

Can also be a means of therapy for people who experience trauma, mental disorders, and so on. By listening to music it can also be a mood and mind relax. Therefore, some people like listening to therapeutic music such as ASMR.

  1. Music Entertainment

facilities can also be a means of entertainment for many people. With music, we can listen to many things and sing a song. Music can also present a feeling of happiness, and happiness. For example, listening to dangdut music, or remixed.

  1. Meaning of ceremonies

Music is also commonly used in ceremonial events whether culture, religion, sacred or official ceremonies.

  1. Music dance

Facilities have an important role to accompany dance instructions so that the show will become increasingly alive, and add beauty to the show. That is why in every show, there will always be music.

  1. The means

Of the work of the large interest in this field make the means of work that many people are interested in. In the era of digitalization today the number of music lovers makes artists and musicians get a lot of income from their work. Starting from the sale of music recordings to the concert from the stage.

Well, that’s all understanding of music, music genres, various music, music elements, and music functions. You can also listen to all the music at