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Guide to Making AC durable and long-lasting

The house is not only defined as a mere building. More than that, home is the most comfortable place for everyone. To make the house more comfortable, people will usually be willing to do all kinds of ways.

One of the things that makes the house comfortable is the air conditioner (AC) which will cool and cool the entire contents of the house. A cool room will further add to the harmony of the whole house. So that makes the owner feel at home for a long in the house.

Caring For Air Conditioning to Increase Home Comfort

AC is an electronic item that must be maintained regularly. The treatment system cannot be done haphazardly. Maintenance errors can cause the air conditioner to not cool and not work optimally.

The use of air conditioners greatly affects the durability and performance provided. However, as long as you get the right care, the air conditioner can last a long time with maximum performance. Here’s how to care for an air conditioner that’s easy to do:

  1. Using The Timer

The first way to make your air conditioner durable and long-lasting is to use a timer. This feature serves to turn off the air conditioner automatically according to a predetermined time. You can set when the air conditioner will turn off by itself, so it will not reduce comfort.

The air conditioner will be better used for a maximum of 5 hours after use. After that, turn off the use of the air conditioner so that the machine can rest for a while. The temperature setting should not be directly set at a temperature that is too cold.

Adjusting the air conditioner with a temperature below 22 degrees is a big mistake because it can make the engine work optimally and heat up quickly. The reason is, that if the air conditioner has reached that temperature, the wind will be released. This can make the air conditioner to be damaged quickly and not last long.

  1. Do Regular Cleaning

The air conditioner that works every day will catch the dust in the filter. The dust will block the flow of air out of the air conditioner. This can disrupt filter performance, causing the air conditioner to be damaged quickly.

Not only the filter must be cleaned regularly, but the AC condenser must also be cleaned regularly. This is because dust does not only accumulate on the filter but also accumulates in the condenser. If it is not cleaned, it is feared that it will hamper the performance of the condenser when it absorbs environmental heat.

  1. Check The Thermostat

When using the air conditioner occasionally you should pay attention to whether the temperature regulator is working properly. A stable thermostat will ensure the air conditioner is working properly and will keep the room temperature cool. Sometimes it is also necessary to set a temperature that is not too cold to keep the thermostat’s performance stable.

  1. Check The Fan

AC performance is not only supported by the components in the room. Moreover, outdoor components such as fans also play a major role in AC performance. Make sure the fan used is still in good condition, it is not cracked or broken.

  1. Service Regularly

Doing a series of early detection and self-maintenance was not enough to keep the AC running cool. You still have to do regular servicing of the air conditioner with experts. This aims to prevent major damage to the air conditioner.

Maintaining an air conditioner is easy but difficult to do. However, with proper care, the air conditioner will work optimally. So, it must be trained from an early age to continue to treat.

  1. Check The Freon and Do the AC Washing

Freon has a very important role in the performance of the air conditioner. This is because Freon is responsible for cooling the AC. So, it must always be ensured that the air conditioner does not experience a lack of Freon by refilling it regularly with an expert technician.

  1. Turn off the air conditioner when not in use

This method can be said to be the most difficult way to do it. The reason is, that air conditioning has become a basic need that cannot be separated from daily activities. Start turning off the air conditioner when not in use to save electricity while preventing fire hazards.